Dallin Langford ahead in General Secretary election polls

DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CINNAMON CREEK – According to a recent poll carried out in the DRCC and released by current General Secretary Dallin Langford to a lobby of honorary citizens earlier today, Dallin Langford is currently leading the election field by a huge margin, currently with 58% of those voting favouring him to hold the position.

26% voted for the civil rights candidate Bella Topgrove, a domestic policy-centric isolationist, and only 16% plumbed for Henry Chester, the hawkish Commissioner and Minister for Health and Transport, who’s foreign policy views regarding reversing the DRCC’s anti-war views cost him a sizable chunk of the popular vote. This most recent poll is a slight recovery from an earlier poll ran by the Baltisk Journal, putting him at only 15%, though his closest competitor Bella Topgrove is also ahead slightly from her original spot at 25%. This has come at a 2% cost for the Libertarian-Conservative party frontrunner, who is down to 58%, which is still a considerable majority – but could the crown be beginning to slip?

There is no doubt that Mr. Langford has benefited the most from media attention in this election. Another article in the Baltisk Journal, “Election Blitz: A few questions for the LCP” is an interview that the newspaper ran featuring Dallin Langford, though no similar interview has been run for either of his two competitors. Furthermore, themicronational, the only other press outlet to cover the election, described the three candidates briefly, which (while the article itself was a reasonable work of reportage) likely did nothing to improve any particular candidate’s standing.

However, considering the number of controversies Mr. Langford has been involved in, could the DRCC’s population start looking for an alternative? Is Bella Topgrove a plausible candidate? The polls, it must be said, must be taken with a considerable grain of salt; the General Secretary’s Office itself maintained that it only polls a certain number of people and is not a nationwide census, and as such cannot be considered to be the opinion of the whole demographic, as it were. Will Ms. Topgrove’s civil rights and isolationist rhetoric strike a chord with the Cinnamonic populace? It is too early to tell, but there’s still time for a miraculous power switch. If it is to come, however, the Topgrove campaign will need to shake things up significantly, particularly from a media relations perspective.


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