Noland passes impeachment law

NOLAND – A piece of legislation enabling the Supreme Court to impeach members of the Nolandish Congress passed earlier today, making it the second piece of legislation to be passed by the Congress at large.

The bill, titled on the Nolandish forum as “Impeachments/Vote of No Confidence” allows the Supreme Court to remove Congressmen from office, either by impeaching them or expressing a lack of confidence in them. This differs from the original format of the bill, raised by Lord Horatio Eden, President of the Democratic Justice Party, that allowed the Congress to impeach its membership on its own without judicial oversight.

The bill, as it was first proposed, met a great amount of opposition. Lord Bandler, Secretary of Defense, argued that “Congress members are elected by the general population of Noland”, and, as such, the Supreme Court should be responsible for impeachment trials as “it is their job to deal with justice”. He later went on to point out the potential for corrupting the legislative process – arguing that, if someone was opposing a bill’s passage, the Congress could club together to remove them in order to pass it against their will.

The law passed earlier this morning at around 4 AM GMT, with five votes in favour and one against.

One concern, unmentioned in the original debate, is that many Congressmen also hold positions of judicial authority in the Supreme Court. While separating the power of impeachment from the Congress in favour of the allegedly independent Supreme Court is, on the surface, a reasonable plan, unless a subsequent bill making it illegal for Congressmen to hold dual positions in the Court is also passed, this could amount to a serious conflict of interest.

Currently, no further bills are on the floor of the Nolandish Congress.


Horatio Eden is Editor-in-chief of the Daily Micronational and Lord Executor of Valdsland. Mostly known for running a Minecraft let's play channel with two subs, which is the only organization he allows to advertise on the site.

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