Definitive Community Senator Trent Mongoose perjury hearing today

DEFINITIVE COMMUNITY – The Communitarian Prime Ministerial candidate, Trent Mongoose, who is standing against current incumbent James Fly for the post, was arrested less than a week ago on perjury charges and is today facing a hearing in court for his alleged crime.

It has not been, so far, made public by either the DC Corporate Government (who run the country), the state news agency, or the judiciary what grounds the “Royal Louisianan Gendarmerie, the Communitarian National Socialist Republic Staatssicherheit, and the National Office of Security Enforcement” had to arrest him, the three agencies the state news agency claim were responsible for Mongoose’s apprehension.

This situation, while not necessarily particularly untoward, may appear insidious to external observers. Trent Mongoose is currently the only candidate running against current Prime Minister James Fly and, to add a further layer of intrigue, he was apparently arrested while on the campaign trail in the “Province of Yonkers… to secure the vote of Yonkersians”, President Valentino announced to the MicroWiki forum.

Senator Mongoose was, according to the country’s news agency, officially charged with the crime the day after his detention, on the 9th of April, 2016, when he was released on his own recognizance. The hearing which, according to the news agency, has passed (“Senator Trent Mongoose had his court hearing today”) has not had the proceedings published to the international community yet, which may shed some light on the reasoning behind the situation.

The Daily Micronational approached the Definitive Community government to find out the reasoning behind the charge of perjury and was informed that the Senator lied “to the federal government about attending and graduating Prinston University”. The government went on to allege that he “also stated that he studied political science and majored in it at Prinston” – also claimed to have been a lie.

A hearing has been scheduled for a later date that has not been published to the press.


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