Hodinian Civil War declared as Prince John V joins court

DUCHY OF HODINY – The Duchy of Hodiny was cast into civil war today as a “rogue justice” on the Hodinian Court elected to secede from the country violently.

The justice in question attempted to oppose the constitutional power of the monarch of Hodiny to appoint justices to the court, with the rogue justice in question instead suggesting that the Court itself should be responsible for the election of justices. “The court is decided by me,” the Duke insisted, “but he believes that it is his Constitutional right to have the Court vote for who will be on the Court next election.” This comment was made on the 8th of April, prior to the justice’s removal from the court panel, in an atmosphere that was overwhelmingly against the justice’s suggestion – “Most of the people already agree, including all of the Court except him, that the Court electing itself is a terrible idea and unconstitutional.”

However, this did not stop the justice, who has not been named, from taking matters into his own hands. Despite the Duke apparently removing him from his position, expressing his intentions on the 9th to remove the rogue gentleman and replace him with Nolandish Prince John V, the justice, according to the Duke, “threatened secession and civil war” if he was refused the ability to vote for the panel of the court when it was next elected.

The Duke stood his ground, and, as a result, the Daily Micronational can now report that as of 9:18 PM GMT, the Duchy of Hodiny has, unofficially, had civil war declared on it by the justice in question. “He preceded to secede and declare ‘war‘, which we will not recognize unless actual military actions take place,” the Duke commented in a public statement to the MicroWiki forums earlier this evening.

How, or indeed if, this serves to destabilize the Duchy remains unclear.


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