Zenraxi Senate re-established

ZENRAX – According to a number of statements by the Emperor of Zenrax in the Yellow Bear Micronational, the Senate in Zenrax, the legislative body of government, “was re-instated a few days ago”.

It serves mostly as a state regulatory body, involving itself primarily in the affairs of the states of Zenrax in a more federalized way, with the Emperor representing the government on a national level. In short, it covers “most of what I cannot do”, in the Emperor’s words.

In addition to these powers, the Senate also has a limited breadth of judicial powers, able to preside over “minor cases” and “pass judgements and act as its own judge and jury”, though major cases would continue to be deferred to the offices of the Emperor himself. “Our country is too small to have an established judiciary, so this will serve in its stead,” the Emperor remarked.

The Senate, a body which originally existed when the country was established, was rendered defunct and the populace removed it from power by referendum after a long period of inactivity on their part. However, in the Emperor’s eyes, “I felt it was time that the country’s population was active enough to have their Senate back.” This move will please pro-democracy campaigners, particularly Major Executive Lancelot Rice, no end, to be sure – in fact, the Emperor himself remarked that “I don’t like operating without the people’s representation (direct or otherwise) so it was high time that this happened.”

So far, four of the seven seats in the Senate have been filled, though rules on election and re-election of senatorial representatives is still in the works as part of a new constitution currently being drafted in the country.


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