Mcarthian Public Representative elections commence

REPUBLIC OF MCARTHIA – Elections in the Republic of Mcarthia have commenced for the first time in Mcarthian history today, as citizens of the country go to the polls to elect the three democratically chosen members of the Mcarthian parliament.

Kit McCarthy, as President, and Horatio Eden, as Representative of Bosconia, both have seats assigned to them automatically by virtue of their positions – in the latter case, the Classical Liberal Party chose to nominate James Frisch and Richard Hytholoday to seek election, rather than Eden, for this very reason.

Three of the six possible candidates can win seats, the candidates being James Frisch (Classical Liberal), Richard Hytholoday (Classical Liberal), Ian Nolon (National Progressive), Mike Lewis (National Progressive), Patrick Renwick (National Progressive) and Michael Nowacki (Independent). So far the polls have only been opened for less than quarter of an hour, having been reset after a candidacy mixup in which Patrick Renwick was not added to the voter form, despite having announced his intention to run on an NPP ticket.

It is impossible to say who is ahead or behind, as no polls have been taken (mostly due to the fact that the fledgling parties competing in this particular election were formed not long after the elections were announced). As such, analysis of the Mcarthian electorate or indeed any one party’s chances at the ballot box would be futile, except that to say that all candidates will likely vote for their own party, guaranteeing three votes for the two CLP candidates, at least two for the two NP candidates, and at least one for Mr. Nowacki’s campaign.



Horatio Eden is Editor-in-chief of the Daily Micronational and Lord Executor of Valdsland. Mostly known for running a Minecraft let's play channel with two subs, which is the only organization he allows to advertise on the site.

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