Indokistan Technology Development Center closed down

FEDERAL STATE OF INDOKISTAN – After years of inactivity, the Indokistanese ITDC closed its doors for the last time early this morning.

The ITDC “was a state-owned organisation which aims to manage experiments and technological development activities in Indokistan”, the MicroWiki page for the organization claims. It engaged in the creation of, among other things, weapons technology on behalf of the Indokistan Armed Forces, particularly during the Indokistan-Ntolian War, producing what they termed the “Sprintad”, a water grenade.

They were also allegedly successful in launching five rockets as part of their Project Lomonosova, a project led by then President of Indokistan Nabil Ihsan, under the directorship of a man by the name of Dicky L. K., a former politician in Indokistan. Another experiment apparently enabled the organization to produce electricity from cups of mud, which spawned the logo of the ITDC – the three brown rectangles representing the mud in the experiment. The group kept this logo until their disbandment earlier today.

At its height, the organization boasted six employees and two “launch platforms”, presumably for the launching of rockets, though no circumstantial evidence of rocket launches by the organization has been found outside of the page itself.



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