New Mallanorian Prime Minister sworn in

DEMOCRATIC KINGDOM OF MALLANOR – The Democratic Kingdom of Mallanor has a new Prime Minister as of early this morning, GMT: Ben Weitzel.

7 voters – or 44% of the registered Mallanorian electorate – turned out to put Mr. Weitzel into office, removing incumbent Michael Hinnebusch II by a landslide, with 85% of those polled voting for the challenger.

“As Prime Minister of Mallanor, I will create a written constitution, gain more land for Mallanor, and have plans to continue the development of a currency to spark an economy in Mallanor,” was Weitzel’s campaign declaration statement. “Unlike my opponent who has made false promises about what he planned to do in his terms as Prime Minister and has shown no results, I can promise I will produce results.” Indeed, he pulled a great result in the election, winning a comfortable majority.v

Mr. Weitzel was sworn in this morning (or rather, the evening on local time) by the monarch of Mallanor, King Stumperth I.

Prime Minister Hinnebusch was sworn into office in April of 2014, making his term in office almost two years long (it would have been exactly 12 months had the election concluded in ten days time).

The next election for Prime Minister will be held in June of next year, though the Mallanorian Congressional elections are being held later this year, in October.


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