Nolandish Prime Minister nominations begin

NOLAND (DM) – Prince John V of the Principality of Noland, in a drive to make his country more democratic, today announced plans for an election to be held in Noland for the post of Prime Minister.

“We’re undergoing a change so the Congress will now be the Congressional Cabinet and the name of the country will be the Republic of Noland,” the Prince explained, though applying one particular caveat: “For the next three months, it’ll be like a trial run of the new democratic government so I’ll still be Prince and I can revert Noland back to a monarchy if I want. However, after these three months if it all went well we can keep this system.”

What happens now, then? Who intends to run? How does someone win an election?

The system for election is somewhat complicated. Parties may nominate a certain number of candidates up to one half of their total number of members of Congress, and then the party nominees run against the independents and every other candidate for votes. The two candidates who have the most votes through the election system will be matched up against each other for a 1-one-1, mano-a-mano final election, which will determine the winner. Vice Minister elections, in very much the same vein of style to the main event, are held not long after the Prime Minister elections are concluded.

Key dates in the Nolandish election calendar

April 28th-30th: Parties and independents announce their intentions to either field candidates or run as a candidate respectively.

May 1st-3rd: The first election to narow down the electoral field from however many candidates there are to the two who score the most votes.

May 4th-7th: The final election takes place, and the winning candidate si determined by which of the two remainng competitors score the most votes.

Sometime after May 7th: Vice Ministerial election cycle commences, concluding before June 1st

June 1st: All newly elected officials enter office



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