UT v Langford case “hours away”

UPDATE: A letter of complaint from the Universal Triumvirate’s Chief Attorney has, sources around the Triumvirate and the micronational community at large confirmed, been sent to Dallin Langford’s offices for response. The letter itself lays out the charges of the previous UT v Langford case as well as accusing him of a criminal breach of contract by failing to uphold his end of the plea bargain at the conclusion of the first case. Dallin has, reputedly, yet to respond.

UNIVERSAL TRIUMVIRATE (DM) – Sources close to the Chancellor of the Universal Triumvirate, Lancelot Rice, have told the Daily Micronational that legal action against Dallin Langford for failing to uphold his end of the plea bargain in his Triumvirate case from earlier this year is potentially “hours away”.

Langford, who was accused of espionage within the Universal Triumvirate for his part in “Project UBO”, a DRCC operation that compromised the Universal Triumvirate’s Executive Branch, plead guilty to all the charges placed against him, specifically acting as more than one identity (Emma Amtra and Dallin Langford simultaneously), committing treason against the UT which he was a citizen of up until the moment of his trial by performing espionage against the government on the DRCC’s behalf and releasing information in so doing.

The embattled General Secretary of the DRCC has been awash with legal action in recent months:

  • He was accused of illegal seizure of the DRCC-Loquntian consulate in DRCC territory, though he was acquitted after Universal Triumvirate Chief Attorney Alexander Buchanan supplied an amicus curiae brief repelling the charges.
  • He was, as above stated, accused and convicted of espionage within Triumvirate jurisdiction after pleading guilty to having done so.
  • He was almost sued by Horatio Eden following a debacle in which his DRCC citizenship was revoked due to his violating a gag order which, he claimed, he was not informed of within due time. The case was settled out of court, though sources have confirmed that Dallin has yet to follow up on the agreement made.
  • There is currently numerous pending civil and criminal cases against Langford in Mcarthia and Whestcorea, with a hearing of the Latitudian High Council to eventually follow, all of which center around an accusation by Mr. Langford in the DRCC cabinet that Eden and Anders Saltborn, “time and time again” release news articles containing “confidential information”.

This situation will not come as music to the ears of Langford who was likely already aware that the Triumvirate was soon to come knocking due to an article released by themicronational just two days ago on the subject. Horatio Eden was later accused of having connections to the Universal Triumvirate’s Chancellor by Langford and, further, of being responsible for releasing the information in themicronational’s article to its proprietor, Kit McCarthy.

Regardless, the General Secretary has generally avoided elongated legal action through a policy of offering plea bargains whenever cases seem less likely to go his way. However, after his apparent history of not following up on these bargains, it is unlikely that either the Universal Triumvirate or any of the other nations currently chomping at the bit to get him into a courtroom will go for such an arrangement this time.

Proceedings continue.


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