Atlantic Commonwealth to be Dissolved, Says President

ATLANTIC COMMONWEALTH (DM) – The Atlantic Commonwealth has been a notable part of the MicroWiki Community for nearly two years. Despite this, following a disappointing start to 2016, United Atlantic has announced that, following the May elections, the Party objective will be to dissolve the Atlantic Commonwealth fully before more failure comes.

Its President, Gareth Twain, has been a strong-headed rock over the nation’s 2 years, showing determination to defeat the odds. However, despite the Atlantic Commonwealth’s growth, it has faced several obstacles and membership drops, and following the most recent one, President Twain has announced a new United Atlantic platform which will “Dissolve the government which has spent two years on the brink of Civil War.”

Over the micronation’s existence, it has faced several membership purges, the most recent one being led by Deputy John Churchill. The movement forced a downsize of the Commonwealth from 5 provinces to a waning two. While the Executive Council managed to annex more land and rebuild two of the lost provinces, enthusiasm about the nation has been depressing at best.

President Twain’s press release earlier Wednesday evening went through the history of the Atlantic Commonwealth, from its days as the Federated States all the way to the five provinces, and explained that, since the day the nation was reformed into the Federated States, the project has turned for the worst and hasn’t improved.

The Royalist Reformation proved that we all weren’t sure about where we stand. The Topplegate conspiracy proved that the States would always be divided. The First Purges proved that no Congressmen could set political differences aside. The Constitutional Convention proved that nobody was on the same page. The Inactivity Crisis told us that our leaders weren’t invested. Through all of this, those of us who have remained loyal have been the ones to be hurt. It is because of this hurt that we are determined to break up the Commonwealth and send men on their separate ways.

Shortly after the UA press release, President Twain released a personal press inquiry to the Daily Micronational about his future in the micronational sphere and the MicroWiki community, and answered various questions.

You can be sure that I’ll be sticking around MicroWiki. I will be taking up journalism at the Daily Micronational as of a recent agreement with Whestcorea’s Horatio Eden. As for my future taking part in a micronation, I cannot say for certain. What I can guarantee is that I do not intend to join a micronation, rather I will go back to where I have seen the most success and where my heart lies: secessionism.

The Daily Micronational will proceed with updates as this story develops.

Henry Twain

Henry Twain is a journalist for the Daily Micronational and Former President of the Federated States of America/Atlantic Commonwealth. Business inquiries can be directed to

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