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REPUBLIC OF NEDLAND (DM) – With the Republic of Nedland independent from Paravia once again, the Daily Micronational’s Henry Twain sat down with Nedland’s own Ned Greiner for an exclusive take on Greiner’s thoughts reentering the MicroWiki community.

Ned Greiner answered several questions from the Daily Micronational after his unprecedented rejuvenation of the Paravian autonomous region. “Everyone and everything is exactly the same,” Greiner said in response to a question regarding how much MicroWiki has changed in his eyes. “Everyone’s always bickering,” he explained, “there’s those older guys who are trying to counsel the noobs, and of course,” Ned continued, “We couldn’t leave out Markus.”

Greiner received mixed criticism/praise after a rocky micronational career filled with what has been described by some as immature, hypocritical, and nonconstructive behavior. Much of this came to head when Nedland, along with Paravia, Kid United Republic and Mcarthia controversially joined the Pannonian War. Amidst mass protest in the MicroWiki community, Nedland and Mcarthia withdrew the next day. Nonetheless, the memory of the Pannonian War remains throughout the MicroWiki, and grudges with it.

When Greiner was asked what exactly seemed different, he refuted, “it’s hilariously and ironically exactly the same.” However, directly after that claim he described a shift in the political atmosphere of the community.

“There’s the fact,” he said, “that more extreme right-wingers and fascists aren’t being beaten on all the time by the lefties.”

Greiner left the MicroWiki community six months ago and returned Monday, May 2nd with a thread titled “Yep, I’m kinda back.”

Henry Twain

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