Litvanian PR Elections closing

REPUBLIC OF LITVANIA (DM) – Elections for Litvanian Public Representatives began earlier this week, marking a big moment for Litvania, as they are the first official and governmental elections in the country.

Citizens have already gone out to vote for the 5 candidates that were nominated by the President and PM, with only one more vote to be submitted before the results can be announced to the general and international public.

The candidates were 5 citizens nominated by the two executive government leaders, and were:

  • Mr. Ian Nolon- An active Litvanian citizen.
  • Mr. Joonpyo Lee- An interested citizen.
  • Mr. Lukas Kelemen- Nominated by the President.
  • Mr. Nezer X- Nominated by the Prime Minister.
  • Mr. Michal Nowacki- Nominated himself. His candidacy was later invalidated.

The elections shall later be analyzed and the results announced by the President of the Litvanian Republic. The DM projects that Mr. Nezer X will receive 6 votes, due to widespread public awareness of his candidacy.

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