White Collar Micronationalism? Twain Says Yes.

THE QUETICAN ISLANDS (DM)- The micronational economics have never played a significant role in the makeup of the cheeky hobby. When asked about it, often responses are as plain as “we grow tomatoes.” However, micronational venture capitalist and businessman Henry Twain says that micronationalism needs to see more white collars, and he’s intending to be the one to bring about this change.

The recent dissolution of the resurrected Federated States of America has brought about a shift in Twain’s objectives, from making a confederal republic to creating a business haven to conceive the very first true micronational private sector.

“It’s not going to be easy,” Twain said to the Daily Micronational. “You’ve gotten access to such a wide range of micronationalists, though, that if all they have to do is become a citizen then they can become an instant business success, they’ll surely show interest.” Twain’s proposal to create a micronational Wall Street, or, rather, Quetico Street, is composed of a four-phase plan composed of bullet points and due dates for each objective.

“We aren’t asking everyone to get involved in the micronation, we’re asking people to come up with a unique idea and make a business. Simple as that. And, in that form, Quetico will house a true private sector full of people who, in the eyes of Quetican government are nothing more than simpleton entrepreneurs,” he said. “It’s ambitious, hence why we are starting small and builiding our way up. We don’t expect this to happen at once, which is why we have four phases covering over one year’s time.”

The currency to be exchanged on the soon-to-be stock exchange is rumored to be the Micronational Dollar. Word is that negotiations between Twain and Kit McCarthy are underway to make a deal to benefit both parties.

“I don’t only say yes to business in micronationalism,” Twain chanted, “I say yes to the growth of micronations from a silly hobby to a respectable project.”

Henry Twain

Henry Twain is a journalist for the Daily Micronational and Former President of the Federated States of America/Atlantic Commonwealth. Business inquiries can be directed to atlanticexecutivecouncil@gmail.com.

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