NLP lose Mercian parliamentary majority, First Minister resigns

MERCIA (DM) – Baron Ó Cathail, the First Minister of Mercia, announced his resignation to the Mercian Lounge following the collapse of the National Liberal Party’s majority in Parliament.

“Following the results of the election, I have decided I will not continue on as the leader of the NLP. It has been one year since I took office as First Minister, and longer still since I took on the role of NLP leader,” First Minister Ó Cathail announced following the announcement by Patrick Renwick that the Liberals had gained only five of the eleven seats at stake (enough to make them the single largest party but not give them a majority).

He went on to say that “I have decided to step down as NLP leader not just because of the fact we have lost an election. The party is suffering from a lack of energy, which my persistant efforts have failed to resolve. Some MPs and ministers, quite honestly, let our party down with their lack of attendance,” an attack on the NLP’s apparent lethargy in getting things done, which has been part of why the Opposition has attacked it to a greater extent in recent months.

The resignation was met with surprise from Mercian citizens, though most who commented publicly did so to compliment Mr. Ó Cathail’s leadership of the country over the last year. Further, in a statement to the Daily Micronational, the Green-Socialist independent MP Baron Uberquie referred to the former First Minister as someone who he had “great respect” for as both “a parliamentarian and as a friend”. He also said that while he found the sudden resignation of First Minister Ó Cathail “quite shocking”, he pointed out that “it gives Mercia a new opportunity for new leadership, which should develop us further than ever before”.

UPDATE: The SDP, the PNP and the independent Baron Uberquie have unexpectedly joined forces to produce a six-seat coalition, forcing the now leaderless National Liberal Party into Opposition.

The final makeup of Parliament, following the announcement that Count Frisch had lost his seat in Wilbertsherne to Kit McCarthy and Alejandro Whyatt, gives the NLP five seats, the People’s Democratic Party three seats, Kit McCarthy’s newly-formed Social Democratic Party two seats, and one seat to independent Baron Uberquie.


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