Førvania reaches 11 days without government, referendum to decide government system

PAAOMA, FØRVANIA – Eleven days since Aaron resigned as Prime Minister of Førvania, the empty post has not been filled, promoting worry within the nation.

Aaron, the seventh Prime Minister, resigned on May 12, and it was expected that Emperor Nicholai would quickly react to install a new Prime Minister. However, a new one has not been appointed, meaning there are question marks over the future of the nation.

Nicholai is expected to announce this afternoon that a referendum will take place, the Daily  Micronational can reveal. There will be three options up in the referendum:

  • Remaining under the current system. This has a Monarch in Parliament, with four MPs, one of which is the Prime Minister. Acts are voted on, with the Prime Minister’s vote counting double.
  • A monarchial province system. Førvania would be split into three provinces, with each province having a Premier, elected by the people. The Premier of each province would be able to meet with the Monarch to introduce legislation within that province.
  • An elected province system. Similar to the previous option, but one where instead of a Monarch, there is an elected Governor to hold that role.

The referendum will be open to any citizen over the age of 12. Emperor Nicholai will be available for questions over Skype.

Edit, 12.15pm Wednesday: An email about the referendum has been sent to citizens with the following message:

Hello there.

At the moment, there is a referendum on in the Empire of Førvania, one which requires you to vote. The referendum is on the subject of changing the system of government.
There are three possible options:

  • Remaining with the current system. In this system, there is a Parliament with five MPs: the Monarch, and one MP from each State. One of the MPs is the Prime Minister, whose votes count double for legislation.
  • Changing to a hereditary province system. In this system, the Empire will be split into three provinces. Each province will have a Premier, elected by the people of that province. If the Premier wants legislation passed in a province, they can discuss it with the Premier. If they agree, then the legislation is passed.
  • Changing to an elected province system. This system is similar to the previous option, but instead of the Monarch, there is a Governor, elected by the entire voting population of the nation.

Please rate these options from 1st to 3rd preference, and email it back to me. The future of Førvania is in your hands.

HRH Emperor Nicholai I of Førvania

Nick Fredriksson

Nick Fredriksson is the Emperor of Førvania. In the so-called 'real world', he attends high school. His life goal is to be a sports journalist, and his hobbies include reading, playing video games, and writing biographies in the third person.

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