‘Midnight ACE’ causes chaos in the Central Allambi Territory

CENTRAL ALLAMBI TERRITORY, FØRVANIA – Warrants for arrest have been issued for three members of the Royal Family as the latest in a series of issues to hit the CAT took place this afternoon.

The three girls, who can only be referred to by their initials of A, C, and E, have been charged with various crimes, from trespassing on Førvanian territory to refusing to cooperate with a police officer.

One of the sides of the royal family had gathered together for a bonfire, also celebrating Duchess Jean’s upcoming birthday. At approximately 4pm, C and E were trespassing on the East Allambi Military Base, attempting to dig up parts of it. Emperor Nicholai discussed this ‘security threat’ with other members of the Førvanian Defence Forcenaround 5.30, by which point A had arrived, and resolved to act on it if any further incidents occurred.

Later that evening, a majority of the FDF, as well as A and C (E had left by that point), were playing a version of hide and seek, using torches due to the low light. Nicholai attempted to encourage the fellow FDF personnel to arrest the two remaining, which was met with approval. However, as it turned out, Nicholai was the only one attempting to arrest them, and the two continued to escape. Around 7.45, A was captured and taken up to the Duke and Duchess’ residence.

A, who was joined by C, was shut in one of the rooms. Nicholai them attempted to tell them what they were being charged with, but they refused to listen. They eventually ran into cupboard of that room, where one FDF member closed the door on them, but accidentally squashed A’s finger, which led to them being set free.

A and E are expected to be charged in coming days, A via email. C is under the age of 12, so may receive a significantly lower punishment. The three are the members of the Anti-Førvanian League, an organisation established shortly after Førvania was founded.

The government formed after the referendum will likely have to come up with a course of action to deal with the AFL. Another proposal was changing the capital city to the CAT, but the persistent security threats may cause a change to this.

Nick Fredriksson

Nick Fredriksson is the Emperor of Førvania. In the so-called 'real world', he attends high school. His life goal is to be a sports journalist, and his hobbies include reading, playing video games, and writing biographies in the third person.

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