Polls close in Noland

NOLAND- The elections in Noland that have taken place on the national forums since the beginning of the month have finally drawn to a close. All parties involved are delighted with the results.

The Prime Minister elections were held at the beginning of the month and eight nominations were placed. However, Ian Nolon, the previous Prince, remained in his position as head of Nolandian government, to no surprise. He appointed previous Congressman Horatio Eden to the position of Vice Minister. This allotted these two seats to the Democratic Justice Party,

The other five seats to the Congressional Cabinet were also filled. The position Secretary of Domestic Affairs, quite possibly the most important role after PM and VM, is now occupied by Mr. Walter Schutz of the DJP, a very active and influential member of the community. Mr. Michał Nowaki, an Independent candidate, successfully obtained the position of Secretary of Domestic Affairs. Mr. Nathaniel Krawit, Independent, became Secretary of Defense. Mr. Stephen Wang, DJP, became Chief Justice but as he never accepted his nomination, he was replaced by Ned Greiner, also for the DJP. Finally, the only active member of the opposition, Dallin Langford, of the Equality Alliance Party, became the Secretary of Government.

This will mark the foundation of an entirely new country, the Republic of Noland, which will be an entity that recognises the Principality of Noland as its predecessor state but is completely separate from it in every way.

Ian Nolon

The Prime Minister of Noland, Ian Nolon is a journalist for the Daily Micronational.

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