QMSE Going Intermicronational

THE QUETICAN ISLANDS (QSJ)- In hindsight, it was a bit quirky to call the QMSE “microinternational” while insisting that the participants all have uniform citizenship in the Quetican Islands. That’s not a concern now, however, as Overseer Henry Twain announced that the entirety of Quetico Street would no longer be linked to the law of a micronation.

The Quetico Microinternational Stock Exchange, or simply the QMSE, was founded only weeks ago as a project in collaboration with the Quetico Street movement. As a major aspect of the four-phase plan for Quetico Street, it quickly outgrew the Quetican Islands, causing problems with the relations between the two entities.

The Stock Exchange has been successful, but its growth has been slow. The Overseer has cited a lack of credibility as a reason for this. The decision to leave the Quetican Islands came at the sight of troubles with the governmental stability of the Quetican Islands.

Along with the move to independence for Quetico Street, the QMSE came out with a brand new logo. The logo incorporates much of the same ideas however polishes it off much nicer than the old logo.

The new logo takes the outward shooting colors from the original logo and places them into a thick-stroked semicircle, making the colors expand as they move outward. This represents how businesses can start off with nothing and grow to become large corporations under the QMSE.

Additionally, the new logo makes the ‘QMSE’ much easier to read by making them thick and black. One of the most subtle changes is the addition of a blue box above the ‘Q’ which reads “Twain’s” inside it. Now that Quetico Street is independent, Twain has decided to create a “Twain Project Franchise,” of which all of the projects will include that signature mark on them.

Overall, the new logo has received positive reviews.

While it is not clear what will happen to Twain now that he is exporting his fundamental reason for participation in the Quetican Islands, there are circulating rumors that he will be taking this as his opportunity to get out of micronational politics a resort solely to Quetico Street and journalism.

The QMSE will still be using the Micronational Dollar, and it in fact intends to resort to closer ties with the Micronational Dollar Institute.

Quetico Street’s secession from the Quetican Islands will officially take effect at 5 AM GMT on June 1st.

Henry Twain

Henry Twain is a journalist for the Daily Micronational and Former President of the Federated States of America/Atlantic Commonwealth. Business inquiries can be directed to atlanticexecutivecouncil@gmail.com.

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