Referendum in Førvania nearly finished, path for future made clearer

FØRVANIA – A referendum which has become the most important event in Førvanian history is set to finish soon, and with it, set the path for the nation in coming years.

The deadline for voting in the referendum is at midnight on the 5th of July, approximately thirty-three hours from the publication of this article.

Currently, the referendum is vastly in favour of the third option, which would result in the abolition of the monarchy, replacing it with an elected Governor, however, all three results are possible.

To explain what would happen, I took the liberty of creating this handy chart.

A chart of the paths for the referendum to take.

Emperor Nicholai would serve as the Governor of Førvania until July 1st if the third option was victorious.

The borders of the provinces have not been officially marked down, but Nicholai has some idea of what they will be like. Paaoma and the Central Allambi Territory will form one province, Mrs Kaspar is Awesome Island, NR Rock, and Molehole will be another, and Holesberg and West Victoria Island will form the last province.

Nick Fredriksson

Nick Fredriksson is the Emperor of Førvania. In the so-called 'real world', he attends high school. His life goal is to be a sports journalist, and his hobbies include reading, playing video games, and writing biographies in the third person.

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