UT elections close, Progressive Party squeak narrow win

UNIVERSAL TRIUMVIRATE (DM) – The Universal Triumvirate’s elections to the post of Chancellor and the bicameral legislature (composed of their Senate and Conclave) closed this morning at midnight EST, or 5PM British Standard Time.

The elections gave the Progressive Party a narrow advantage overall, holding three of the four seats in the Conclave but in deadlock with the Establishment Party in the more powerful Senate, which is responsible for the approval of the members of cabinet. Newly-elected Chancellor Lancelot Rice (who ran, and won, unopposed) of the Progressive Party will be attempting to appoint key positions to this cabinet in the coming days, and this deadlock may hamstring this attempt at a critical time.

This, however, did not deter Mr. Rice’s optimism. “I think that the UT elections had a very good outcome,” he responded, when asked for comment, “and with a bit of hard work, we can all make it a place for a great future.” Henry Twain (Establishment), a successful candidate for the Conclave, was somewhat more tongue-in-cheek; “I’m happy that I won, and I’m proud that the nation I just joined two days ago knows how to run an election.” He went on to congratulate “Lancelot for narrowly winning the office of Chancellor”.

While, due to the citizenship situation, all candidates for public office were mathematically bound to win automatically, the election was not a free ride for everyone concerned. Vulpes Arenas, current and presumptive Head of Intelligence pending nomination by the Chancellor, was unceremoniously ousted from his position as leader of the Establishment Party in favour of Clayton Rice, the Chancellor’s brother. However, Clayton Rice did not comment on the party coup d’etat in a response to the Daily Micronational’s request, instead remarking that “I look forward to working in the Senate, and hope that we have a very prosperous legislative session.”



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