Valdsland established

VALDSLAND (DM) – The Realms of Valdsland were officially established yesterday after the Whestcorean Sen8, half of the national legislature, denounced the Constitution and seceded on the 19th.

The featured image is not the official flag of the country, but it has been adopted as the royal standard by the monarch of the country. The national flag creation process is still ongoing.

The country, now run by former Congressional Mememaster-General and now Valdslandic Lord Executor Horatio Eden after he made a claim to the country’s Crimson Throne, has thirteen citizens, and will hold its first session of Parliament as soon as all of the official positions have been appointed and a system of legislative procedure is more firmly set out.

The Realms of Valdsland, which are composed of colonies in the United Kingdom, United States, Norway and Sweden, is governed by two branches: the Lordly Executive, composed of Lord Executor Eden as absolute monarch, who consults with various Lords of the realm, most of them Lord Protectors of the various colonies – specifically Satirno (UK), governed by Lord Protector James Frisch, Eestcorea (USA), governed by Lord Protector Edward “Ned” Greiner, Norwald (Norway), governed by Lord Protector Patrick Renwick and Midwald (Sweden), governed by Lord Protector Anders Saltborn.

The other body of governance is the Parliament, which is while effectively a legislative body of government, is officially a purely advisory body to the Lordly Executive, specifically the Lord Executor himself, who has final say over decrees (the only form of official legislation in the country that holds legal weight). This makes the potential for Parliament overturning Executive vetoes unlikely.

Horatio Eden was coronated to the throne yesterday after enough people proclaimed loyalty to his reign.

“Whestcorea having left no true issue of its body, and being of noble birth through my imperial claim upon the autonomous vassal state of Japanitania, I, Horatio Eden, do this day lay claim to the Crimson Throne of Valdsland,” Eden said, upon declaring his claim to the throne. “Let all true men declare their loyalty.”

After ascending the throne, he named James Frisch as Heir to the Crimson Throne, who will presumably take over if and when the current Lord Executor abdicates. Eden called on the Valdslandic public to declare their loyalty to Frisch’s claim yesterday evening.

How this situation will effect Whestcorea’s position within the Grand Unified Micronational is as yet unclear. Horatio Eden currently sits as official delegate to Whestcorea, which may need to be altered should Valdsland attempt to ratify the GUM Charter, which Eden has expressed interest in doing.


Horatio Eden is Editor-in-chief of the Daily Micronational and Lord Executor of Valdsland. Mostly known for running a Minecraft let's play channel with two subs, which is the only organization he allows to advertise on the site.

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