Anti-YAMO YAMO Formed: Will it Go YAMO?

A new intermicronational organization was founded Saturday, entitled the “Yet Another Micronational Organization Accreditation Service,” the organization has a set purpose in rating micronational organizations.

The idea was originally conceived by Valdslandic Lord Executor Horatio Eden in the Ragged Flagon Skype chat, and it was later described by Eden in a statement on the forums (not to be confused by the more popular MicroWikia). Eden begged the people of the forum to “hear me out for a second” before he went on to describe the service. People, despite being skeptical, generally approved of the idea.

The idea is that members (not differentiated between nations or individuals) will rank organizations starting at Level 5, being described as “rip this organization.” Any organization by the name ‘United Micronations’ will appropriately be given the Level 5 ranking. On the other hand, organizations like the Grand Unified Micronational will presumably be granted the Level 1 ranking.

For membership, one must obviously request entrance into the group, and must then be approved by a three-man Security Council composed of Eden, Ian Nolon of Noland, and Henry Twain.

Two Security Council members issued statements to the Daily Micronational. Horatio Eden told us that the Accreditation Service is “One of the few micronational organizations that won’t die immediately.” According to him, it will “instead…die a slow, protracted, painful death, and we will never truly know its suffering.”

Ian Nolon issued a much lengthier response to reporters, stating that “It’s pretty legit.”

Henry Twain didn’t know what to say, so he told reporters to make something up. The Daily Micronational, being a sort-of-transparent, only a little biased news source, however, decided to avoid placing words violently down Twain’s throat.

The organization has already formed a Skype chat for the members involved, and is accepting membership requests. The organization plans to begin reviewing and issuing reports on organizations shortly. In the meantime, the organization shall continue to be a source of memes everywhere.

Henry Twain

Henry Twain is a journalist for the Daily Micronational and Former President of the Federated States of America/Atlantic Commonwealth. Business inquiries can be directed to

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