Treaty of Nyros enters into force, Paravian federation established

PARAVIA PROPER (DM) – The Paravian Federal Empire entered into existence today as the Treaty of Nyros, so far ratified by the Empire of Paravia, the Democratic Republic of Cinnamon Creek, the State of Nedland, Grémmia, Dachenia, and Humanytaria, came into force, prompting a future overhaul of the GUM’s membership

The federation, still officially known as the “Empire of Paravia”, established as a number of micronations have begun proposing international federalisation as a response to the instability of their independent legislatures, currently boasts a citizenship of 179 (a figure arrived at independently by this newspaper by totalling the public citizenship figures of the various member states), and plans are already in place to establish a Chamber of Delegates to legislate for the federation at large.

The Treaty itself requires that the various member states cease holding membership of international organizations or executing foreign relations with other micronations – which would require all federal states to cease membership of the Grand Unified Micronational, including Nedland and the Democratic Republic of Cinnamon Creek. How this will be resolved in conjunction with the Grand Unified Micronational’s constitutional requirements is unclear as of press time, though former head of the State of Nedland, Ned Greiner, has stated his intention to quit the GUM “forthwith”.

President Radia of Humanytaria later announced that “I’m honoured to declare that the Repubic of Humanytaria has amalgamated with several other prosperous micronations under a Paravian Federal Empire.” The President went on to cite “The relations between Humanytaria and the host nation, Paravia,” which the former Humaytarian head of state maintains “have been tremendous since our foundation, and the Presidency is eager to enter a new era under Paravian unison.  We have only been mediocre in both activity and presentation beforehand – we must therefore unite together as a nation to help make the dream of a libertarian-socialist democratic society possible.”

In a statement regarding why they chose to form the federation, Ned Greiner remarked that “we believe that we must restore the balance that has clearly been lost in the community, and to have all member states become far more active than they would be normally, due to our parliamentary structure”. This was in connection to a widely-held belief (whether factual or not) that due to the number of legislatures – mostly belonging to so-called “new guard” states – that effectively have the same legislative makeup, there isn’t any real point in having separate countries.

The new federation already has a new prospective anthem, which can be listened to here:

Valdsland held a special session of Parliament earlier today to discuss the Treaty, but ended up with a tied House of Delegates, causing the bill to be rejected.



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