Vote of no confidence passes as Mercian partisan schism widens

MERCIA (DM) – The schism between NLP and members of the now former People’s Democratic Party has widened considerably in the aftermath of a vote by the Mercian Parliament House of no confidence in now-former First Minister of Mercia, Baron Alejandro Whyatt.

An internal vote to dissolve the People’s Democratic Party passed today with three votes in favour; however, this removal of the PDP from the equation has not helped bridge the gap between members of the National Liberal Party and those on the government side – with negotiations growing toxic so rapidly that Baron Harland-Hackenschmidt officially resigned his post as an MP in the aftermath of the falling apart of relations.

“I’d like to declare that I’m likely going to resign from micronational politics on a permanent basis,” he remarked. “I’ll explain in due course when I have had the time to mull things over but I’ll say now the vote of no confidence had nothing to do with it. Egotistical behaviour and the toxicity of politics did.”


The vote passed with 7 votes – the majority required was 6.5, as Lord Spiritual Richard Hytholoday also voted in favour of the no confidence motion. The debate was incredibly heated, and somewhat controversial for the First Minister’s absence; it is possible that then First Minister Whyatt may not even be aware that the vote has passed yet, though it is confirmed that he is aware that the vote was tabled.

This situation raises concerns for the upcoming general election; the government’s mandate expires in September, and if this schism remains unresolved, the next Mercian government may end up even more heavily divided along party lines than the last. With suggestions that new, splinter parties may be formed from the dust of the People’s Democratic Party, it may well be possible that we see the first long-term minority administration (excluding of course the short-lived Eden ministry prior to Whyatt taking office in the first place), though the party running that administration remains to be seen. Either way, the ballot papers will be much more diverse this election cycle.

A number of Mercian politicians came forward to give statements to the Daily Micronational in the aftermath of the situation, and unsurprisingly given the circumstances, a number of them were heavily weighted towards one political persuasion or another. Baron Henry Twain, a member of the NLP who defected from the People’s Democratic Party, remarked that “The destruction of the PDP is a great victory for Mercia and the Mercian people.” He went on to assert that “now […] the VoNC is concluded, and the reign of Alejandro Whyatt over, I look forward to working with the next government to create a more prosperous Mercia.”

Baron Brandon Wu’s statement conceded the reason for the PDP’s dissolution, but attempted to reach out an olive branch to members of other parties: “The collapse of the PDP was solely from the VoNC and the lack of leadership of Baron Whyatt. We have officially created a new party with a new image and brand in mind in order to ensure that the ideas of all ex-members of the PDP lives on in Mercia. We will continue to enjoy the cooperation with both the coalition and the opposition.” There were assertions, however, that the “new party” was not, in fact, of any substance. Baron Twain was quick to point out that “you haven’t yet [formed a party]… you don’t have a name.”

Meanwhile, Palatine-Viceroy Newton von Uberquie, General Secretary of the Green Socialist Party, was remarkably non-partisan in his response to the situation when asked for comment by the DM, especially given his position as being the person to initiate the vote in the first place: “The aftermath of the VONC has realised the potential for a breath of fresh air for Mercia. Hopefully I can lead a new Interim government in my capacity as Deputy or First Minister until a General Election compels Mercians to make a substantial political decision. I am saddened to see the departure of my honourable friend, Baron Whyatt but felt it was neccessary to secure the future of the nation without doubt.”

Presently, the government is an interim, caretaker government run by Deputy First Minister von Uberquie, though election for a permanent First Minister to conclude the government term will be held next Saturday, when Parliament reconvenes. NLP leader Earl Horatio Eden has already endorsed von Uberquie for the position.


Horatio Eden is Editor-in-chief of the Daily Micronational and Lord Executor of Valdsland. Mostly known for running a Minecraft let's play channel with two subs, which is the only organization he allows to advertise on the site.

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