Edenopolis water company forced to close water towers

EDENOPOLIS (DM) – A water company servicing the Edenopolitical City-District of Los Papangeles has been forced to temporarily cease the operation of the local water towers by the Imperial Halls of Justice (the supreme court of Edenopolis) after the government requested an injunction.

In a unanimous majority opinion, the Court ruled that – following the Los Papangeles Water Authority’s plea of no contest on the 12th of November, 2016 – given the “draught of local authorities” on matters such as that pertinent to the case, that “we have to defer to the article of Royal Edict 2016-11-I: that the monarch has “full legislative and executive powers” for the administration of the state.” The Halls went on to declare that “as a result, failure by Defendant to inform the Plaintiff of the construction of the water towers is a civil offence, and the Court orders that the water towers temporarily cease operation until such a time as Plaintiff approves planning permission retrospectively.”

The Authority has commented that it will be complying with the court order in this case. How the City-District of Los Papangeles will be affected is not yet clear.


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