North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement signed

LOS PAPANGELES (DM) – The Free City-State of Edenopolis and the United States of Wings have reached a mutual free trade agreement for the sale, trade and distribution of trading cards within a newly created free trade area between their nations. The treaty providing it was signed by the King of Edenopolis and the President of the United States earlier today.

The NAFTA (not to be confused with the North American Free Trade Agreement between the United States of America, Canada and Mexico) has only two members, but neither the treaty parties nor the text of the treaty precludes against additional members being added to the treaty in future.

It is unclear how the trading cards will be shipped between the two nations.

King Eden of Edenopolis remarked upon request for comment that “this is a great step forward for the economy of our nation. We finally have a purpose for our brand new currency – the Bottlecap – and we hope that this agreement not only serves to increase the level of economic activity between our nation-states but to further the bonds of friendship our countries share.”

President Emerson Rief, the head of the United States of Wings’ delegation, also responded to our request for comment. “If they’re going to take our jobs, two can play at that game!” He went on to remark that “it’s a fantastic deal, the greatest deal we could’ve made, and I hope for success in future YuGiOh trading.”

The full text of the treaty can be viewed here. The treaty primarily provides against the implementation of “protectionism” between the party nations, that the national governments are prevented by international law from raising tariffs or other economic disincentives against foreign goods and the purchase thereof.

Already the new Agreement has published a logo, which can be viewed below:



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