MEG voted out of existence

MICRONATIONAL ECONOMIC GROUP (DM) – The Micronational Economic Group, a micronational economic project spearheaded by Prime Minister of Skovaji Kerry Stapleton and President Karl White of Lurk came to an end earlier today as the Assembly of the MEG voted to disassemble the political structure of the organization, marking the death of the last active monetary union in the MicroWiki Sector.

Instead, the organization is now an “association” of member banks, loosely joined together via the online micronational e-commerce system developed by the MEG, sans the Chair, Sub-chairs, Council, and Charter that gave the organization its hierarchical structure. Instead, it will focus primarily on merely promoting economic relations between member banks of the system and “develop, research and study the phenonemon of micronational economy”.

The matter passed both the Council and Assembly, with the motion passing unanimously in the Council and with the majority of votes required in the Assembly to amend the Charter into non-existence. In a statement to the Assembly prior to the MEG’s dissolution, Lucas Campos contended that it would be a pertinent idea to “trash” the political hierarchy of the organization and the positions therein, and “leave it… a place to develop, chat and interact in an economic way”.

The organization had been suffering from a plague of inactivity within both branches of the organization’s legislature – despite the fanfare of the election of Chairman Kerry Stapleton, who succeeded the first person to hold the office, Henry Twain, the organizational structure fell into disuse and prompted Mr. Stapleton’s resignation.


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