Eden tied with Adam I in GUM Elections

Grand Unified Micronational (DM) – Horatio Eden is tied with Adam I of Überstadt in the GUM Chairmanship Election campaign, with each delegate on five votes. Voting opened earlier today.

Mercia, Abelden, Mcarthia, Edenopolis, and Lundenwic have cast votes for Mr. Eden, while Austenasia, Paravia, Shorewell, Zealandia and Adammia voted for King Adam I.

The vote of Paravia has concerned the Eden campaign, who considered the Scandinavian micronation’s vote likely secured.

Voting runs until Christmas day, when the new GUM Chair will take office, taking over from Acting Chair Jonathan I of Austenasia, who stepped in after the resignation of Fionnbarra O Cathail.

Other than Paravia, voting so far has held few surprises. Austenasia and Zealandia in particular are showing their support for a candidate with more years in the community. The only twist is the failure of Zenrax’s Thomas Merrell to gain a single vote. Merrell was considered by some a favourite, due partly to his history of impartiality.

The three way election is in sharp contrast to the previous two man race between Cathail and Kit McCarthy, in which the only vote McCarthy secured was his own.

The new Chair will be faced with the difficult task of revitalising a dangerously lethargic organisation, and will have to curb some serious voices of discontent. The GUM has been criticised both externally and internally for inactivity, and has been subject to accusations of elitism.

McCarthy is known to be a potential contender for Vice-Chair, with at least two of the potential candidates known to be considering offering him the role. If selected, McCarthy would still have to be approved by the general membership in Quorum. McCarthy, lawyer Taeglan I Nihilus, and Emperor Jonathan I are all being considered for the role of Supreme Justice.

Eden’s platform, which can be viewed here, emphasises the need to tackle inactivity. In a seven part plan, he talks of reducing bureaucracy and taking an active role in mediating conflicts, amongst other things. Adam I’s platform talks of charity, and educational initiatives, along with others.

More to come.

Kit McCarthy, previous editor of RadioMicro and themicronational, is a new contributor the Daily Micronational.






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