New GUM Chair’s ascendancy hamstrung by Vice-Chair rejection

GRAND UNIFIED MICRONATIONAL (DM) – The new Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational, Adam I of Uberstadt, had his ascendancy hamstrung last night by a surprise rejection of his Vice-Chair nominee, Emperor Adam of Adammia. He had just given a short speech thanking the GUM for its mandate.

According to a report by the Occidental Chronicle, the discussion as to why the nomination was rejected was “confused”, with no delegates who voted against agreeing to discuss why they had decided to vote down the nominee. The Chair subsequently nominated one of his election opponents, Emperor Thomas of Zenrax, who was successfully confirmed.

Additional nominations included former Acting Chair Jonathan I of Austenasia as the new GUM Archivist and, following the resignation of Taeglan I Nihilus as Supreme Justice, Bradley of Dullahan, the former Vice Chair, was confirmed as the new Supreme Justice of the GUM.

The most recent session also included, according to the report by the GUM News site, a discussion of the Micronational Relations Map, a project formerly operated by the now defunct Nollandish Confederacy. A motion of the GUM put the project under its purview, and it is understood a survey relating to the map was distributed to the delegates of the organisation subsequent to the session of Quorum last night.

Meanwhile, Sabia and Verona, Imvrassia and the Farrar Republic had their observership applications approved, while the Grand Principality of the Danube became a provisional member. The Farrar Republic, known in part for attempting unsuccessfully to create the “Union of Micronations”, commented on the subject on its official news website.

According to the Chronicle, the meeting lasted a “marathon” two and a half hours, passing a total of twelve motions.


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