Abeldane Emperor restores MPs to their seats in parliament amid controversial election

ABELDEN (DM) – Less than twenty-four hours after suspending the Reichsversammlung (RVL), the Abeldane parliament, all MPs have had their seats restored to them by the Emperor amid criticism of an attempted election.

“Be it enacted That the Reichsversammlung and the Federal Government be unsuspended and that all MPs be given back their seats. The present term of the Reichsversammlung is the Emergency Term of 2017 until the 5th Reichsversammlung has begun,” was the specific edict that brought the Government back from shutdown. Federal offices and ministries have also been restored.

Bipartisan criticism of an attempt to remove the ability for MPs to run independently of party interest was likely the catalyst for the outcry against the election; Kit McCarthy remarked that “You can’t put people in a party without their consent” – following a move by the Emperor to create a party called “The Independents” to hold all independent MPs – and likened it to being “dictatorial”, while former Vorsitzender Horatio Eden remarked that he was “Pretty sure that isn’t a law” in respect to the Emperor’s decision.

If the election had nonetheless gone ahead, there would have been five parties on the ballot: the Conservatives, the “Demcoratic-Liberty Party” (sic.), the Independence Party, the Edge Party, and the controversial “Independents”.

These events come after the Abeldane Voting System, a voting system proposed by the Emperor in the last session of the RVL prior to its dissolution, was adopted for use by the electoral system of the Empire.


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