All Abeldane MPs Stripped of Office

ABELDEN (DM) – All Abeldane Members of Parliament have had their office stripped of them by the Emperor of the Abeldane Empire and the Commonwealth, “to pave way for… new parliamentary elections and new constituencies, which shall be established during this period.”

Urging all Abeldanes to “to act and do our duties”, he remarked that “I shall also create and devise a plan to see ‘real action’ in the Reichsversammlung, once and for all, because I do not see any real legislating actions done by Members, rather your Emperor would have to create such acts.” This is possibly in response to a lack of responses to a voting system proposal which went up in the Reichsversammlung, the deliberative legislature of Abelden, earlier today, and had yet to reach the voting threshold the Emperor wished. Grant Hawkins will remain as Vorsitzender, effectively the Abeldane Prime Minister.

The 4th Reichsversammlung has now been suspended until further notice.

The Emperor for his part has been treating matters of state as business as usual. Almost without a beat after the declaration, he announced: “The Abeldane Empire wishes to congratulate the new Emperor of the First Breckland Empire on the proclamation of Breckland as an Empire.” The Emperor of Breckland “[thanked him] for his kind words”.


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