British States House of Representatives reauthorises Constitution subcommittee

DEMOCRATIC UNION OF BRITISH STATES (DM) – The House of Representatives of the Democratic Union of British States reauthorised the House Subcommittee on Micronational Constitutions today, in despite of the fact the Act creating the Subcommittee extends it to however long is necessary to accomplish its task.

Speaker of the House of Representatives and Lord President Horatio Eden maintained that the resolution reauthorising the Subcommittee had meaning outside of the pure text. “This way,” the Speaker maintained, “we set a precedent that the Subcommittee need not be reauthorised, in the event the original Act was not clear enough on the subject.” DU attorneys have yet to weigh in on whether the resolution is necessary.


Horatio Eden is Editor-in-chief of the Daily Micronational and Lord Executor of Valdsland. Mostly known for running a Minecraft let's play channel with two subs, which is the only organization he allows to advertise on the site.

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