GUM: McCarthy issues motion to vacate over SCRIL ruling

GRAND UNIFIED MICRONATIONAL (DM) – President Kit McCarthy of the Republic of Mcarthia issued a motion requesting that the decision of the Supreme Justice voiding the Secretariat of Conflict Resolution and Intermicronational Law (the SCRIL, as it is abbreviated, which was created by Quorum motion on Saturday) be vacated.

President McCarthy and Horatio Eden, named in his capacity as Mcarthian Supreme Judge, were listed as attorneys for the motion.

What exactly is this about?

At the last meeting of Quorum, the Grand Unified Micronational created a body known as the Secretariat for Conflict Resolution and Intermicronational Law. However, Supreme Justice of the GUM, Bradley of Dullahan, announced that the motion creating the body was unconstitutional and was consequently void.

The Supreme Justice’s argument is that the SCRIL, were it to be in force, would subtract from the judicial power of the Supreme Court, and thus stand in contravention of the Charter regulations on the subject.

Kit McCarthy, the original proposer of the SCRIL, maintains that the SCRIL’s capacity is purely legislative, and as a body under Quorum, does not stand in contravention of the Charter.

Mr. McCarthy packaged his motion with a less formal letter to the GUM as a whole.

In it, he wrote of his “[immense] disappointment”. “I feel that it has not been thought through, and regardless demonstrates a concerning tendency to reject sound proposals and hard work by delegates because the senior officers of this organisation are uncertain of how they will turn out.” He went on to maintain that “Mcarthia has no place in an organisation that is afraid to try new things”, and that the leadership must “be prepared to take some risks”, threatening a potential Mcarthian withdrawal otherwise: “I am personally not prepared for my nation to support an [sic.] purposeless organisation.” He was later quoted as saying that, if the Supreme Justice intended to deny the motion, he wanted a “very detailed explanation why”.

The official motion numbers a little over four pages, and is written in the name of both President McCarthy himself and Supreme Judge of Mcarthia Horatio Eden. Emerson Rief (President of the United States of Wings), Will McCracken (delegate of Adammia) and John Gordon (Emperor of Breckland) have expressly sponsored the motion, in addition. The motion itself was issued alongside an explanatory shorthand version thereof, without legal effect but serving to explicate the motion itself to the wider organisation.

It is unclear what the next stage is.

Neither the Charter nor an act of Quorum gives any direction as to an appeals process; furthermore, it is currently impossible for the Supreme Justice to recuse himself, on account of the fact that he is the only member of the Supreme Court. It is dubious whether the motion will actually lead to a hearing in the court or simply to a matter of the Supreme Justice changing his mind on the subject. As a result, this matter will be key to establishing how future appeals of this nature are heard.

The Daily Micronational is currently reaching out to delegates of the GUM to hear opinions on the matter. This story will be updated as we are able to report them.


Horatio Eden is Editor-in-chief of the Daily Micronational and Lord Executor of Valdsland. Mostly known for running a Minecraft let's play channel with two subs, which is the only organization he allows to advertise on the site.

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