GUM: McCarthy’s SCRIL plan torpedoed by Supreme Justice, lawsuit to follow

GRAND UNIFIED MICRONATIONAL (DM) – A motion passed by the Quorum of Delegates of the Grand Unified Micronational creating the organ of the “Secretariat of Conflict Resolution and Intermicronational Law”, a body “primarily… dedicated to the provision of informal, unpressured, impartial mediation services to micronational parties across the community” was shut down by Supreme Justice Bradley of Dullahan on Saturday, marking a major setback for the plan drafted by Mcarthian delegate and President, Kit McCarthy.

Following a series of diplomatic altercations between Mcarthia and the Kingdom of Loquntia over questions of judicial jurisdiction in the case of R v. Langford, the SCRIL as it is abbreviated was proposed to Quorum on grounds that it would, in the eyes of its proponents, be a more robust framework for enabling the GUM to deal with community issues.

The motion to create the SCRIL originally passed the Quorum of Delegates; however, it was blocked by the Supreme Justice on account of his argument that it takes away the judicial power of the Supreme Court, which is allotted to it by the Charter of the GUM. The Chair confirmed the veto “on the Supreme Justice’s advice”, though noted his support for future co-operation on a motion within Charter-set bounds.

President McCarthy is reportedly disappointed in the result, and has confirmed that he intends to issue a motion to have the Supreme Justice’s decision vacated, which will be submitted to the Supreme Court of the GUM. This will be twinned with an amicus curiae brief in support of his case, the specifics of which have not yet been publicly disclosed.

There have been reports that a number of delegates intend to boycott the organisation if this next attempt to bring the SCRIL into force is unsuccessful, though they have not been confirmed.

These events arrive in the wake of increased tension within the Grand Unified Micronational.

Bickering between Shorewellese delegate Hafiz Sab Bilal Irfan and Kermadecian President Violette Clingersmith came to a head with the failure of a motion to approve Kermadecia for provisional membership; President Clingersmith publicly accused the Shorewellese leader of being directly responsible for the result, while insisting that they would be withdrawing from both the GUM and the micronational community. Their accusations have not been confirmed by any GUM delegate present at the Quorum in question, and they are denied by the Shorewellese Government. Micronational historians may note that this is not the first time altercations between the GUM and the President have occurred.

This issue comes as reports that the Vice-Chair of the GUM, Thomas Merrell, Emperor of Zenrax, had his authority flouted in his first Quorum began to circulate; while we are not allowed to publish by GUM regulations the content of Quorum discussions, it has been suggested by a number of sources that attempts by him to restore order and grant the floor were ignored, causing great unrest and angering a number of delegates either pro-Merrell or pro-parliamentary procedure (or, indeed, both).


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One thought on “GUM: McCarthy’s SCRIL plan torpedoed by Supreme Justice, lawsuit to follow

  • January 10, 2017 at 6:07 pm

    It is not a fact that it takes away from the judicial power of the GUMSC. That is the opinion of the Supreme Justice, and that is what we are arguing against.


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