GUM: Shorewell suspended amid confusion over peace envoy appointment

GRAND UNIFIED MICRONATIONAL (DM) – The Shorewellese Empire was suspended from the next meeting of the Quorum of the Grand Unified Micronational after failing to heed to calls to order by the Chair a total of three times, the Press Secretary of the GUM confirmed to the Daily Micronational today.

In advance of the GUM News report on the session of Quorum, the Press Secretary remarked, “The Empire of Shorewell was suspended from the next meeting of Quorum after ignoring calls to order by Chair Adam I a total of three times pursuant to Chapter IV.d.i of the organisation charter. They will resume to their seat after the next meeting is concluded.”

The move by the Chair to suspend Shorewell came as confusion over an appointment to the position of GUM peace envoy subordinate to the new Secretary of Conflict Resolution and Intermicronational Law led to Hafiz Sab Bilal Irfan’s rejection by Quorum to the post.

What is the Secretary of Conflict Resolution and Intermicronational Law?

That’s a complicated question. The proposal issued by the Republic of Mcarthia is long – eleven pages long, specifically – but fortunately the Mcarthian President issued a short summary of its key provisions. The SCRIL is primarily responsible for mediating intermicronational conflict and controversy within both the GUM and the wider micronational community, as well as developing micronational law and providing education on the same. This latter branch is as a result of “a number of high profile disputes” – though chief among them would be the question of jurisdiction in the Mcarthia-Loquntia case at the end of last year.

The SCRIL is a position marred by internal controversy; the passage of the motion creating the SCRIL at last night’s meeting was not the first time Quorum approved the post. On the first attempt, Supreme Justice Bradley of Dullahan vetoed it as unconstitutional, claiming its legal branch would be taking away key power allotted to the Supreme Court by the GUM.

Following negotiations between President Kit McCarthy of Mcarthia, the progenitor of the motion, the Chair of the GUM King Adam I of Uberstadt, and Hafiz Sab Bilal Irfan, who came up with the idea of implementing a system of “peace envoys” – diplomatic mediators subordinate to the SCRIL, in effect – the motion was amended to be constitutional and passed yesterday evening UTC.

It is against GUM regulations to detail in public how specific delegations voted on GUM matters, and as such we cannot detail which delegations are in question in this subsequent section of the article.

Hafiz Sab Irfan publicly commented that he intended to cut Shorewellese recognition of two micronational delegations for voting down his appointment as a peace envoy subordinate to the SCRIL. This reaction was largely met with disdain; comments as to whether this demonstrated the Sultan’s lack of suitability for the post were made. “You were thrice called to order, and failed to heed the chair, and now you are taking rash actions against the nations whom voted against you,” remarked one delegate.

The Sultan later remarked that there was a potential for Shorewell to cut ties with the entire micronational community, including any diplomatic connections with other micronational entities or organisations to which his nation is a party. Given this move came not long after Shorewell’s suspension, it is considerably likely the two are related, though without an understanding of the internal politics of the Shorewellese Empire, this assertion cannot be verified.


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