Nedland reapplies to the Grand Unified Micronational

Nedland (DM) – Today, at 9:00 AM, the Khanate of Nedland, a nation who has previously been in staunch opposition of the GUM, has reapplied for membership after four months of absence from its quorum.

After hearing of Mcarthian president and GUM Secretariat Kit McCarthy’s movement to open GUM membership to all appliers, Ned Greiner, Nedland’s Genghis Khan and a self-proclaimed “micronational populist” in regards to GUM issues, has reapplied to the GUM due to the McCarthy movement to make the GUM into an OAM-like entity. “This kind of change is what I’ve been wanting for six months, and it’s finally here. I literally cannot believe it.” Greiner had been unfortunately misinformed on GUM agenda, hence the continuation of his opposition. “I hope to be a part of this movement and help in any way I can,” Greiner said. However, he also stated later that hour that “if any breech is made towards this progress or its members decide to abandon it, Nedland will withdraw its application from the GUM without further ado.”

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