Treaty Case Brought to Mcarthian Courts

Republic of Mcarthia (DM) – A case has been brought to the Mcarthian courts to determine the procedures required for the government or President to renounce international treaties or conventions.

Described in the petition for action, filed by President Kit McCarthy, as ‘international statutory instruments,’ these treaties and convention could include bilateral diplomatic treaties, or multilateral instruments, such as the Charter of the Grand Unified Micronational, for instance.

In this case in rem, McCarthy is seeking a court ruling to clarify the law.

The case is curious in terms of its motive. The protracted argument over the establishment of the Secretariat for Intermicronational Law and Conflict Resolution (SCRIL) in the GUM led to heated exchanges between the Mcarthian President and other delegates, with the head of state reportedly considering withdrawing for the GUM in protest.

A resolution has been reached in the GUM, with the SCRIL recently being established following changes to the original Quorum motion, so it seems unlikely that McCarthy (who secured the post to lead the SCRIL) has any intent of trying to take Mcarthia out of the GUM.

More likely, this case is planning for a future worst case scenario in which Mcarthia would attempt to pull out of the GUM. It is also perhaps a security policy to allow Mcarthia to pull out of undesirable diplomatic relationships.

In Mcarthia, cases like this are also seen as valuable ways to build up case law and practise legal procedures, meaning some cases like this are brought purely for their own sake.

Sources in the Mcarthian Presidential Office confirm that this case is being treated as significant, which could mean McCarthy is prepared to appeal if a less than ideal ruling is issued.

The case is to be heard in the Central Court, with Supreme Justice Eden to preside.

National, foreign, or international intervenors are invited to contact the courts.


Kit McCarthy in re the Law of the Republic of Mcarthia

Central Court of the Republic of Mcarthia

National case number: 0003

Court docket number: CC 0003 2017-01

MSLC citation: MCA CC McCarthy in re Law of Mcarthia 2017-, 0003

Statutory provisions (General Judicial Act of 2017)

Intervenors invited to contact courts. 

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