Eden Rules on Mcarthian Treaties

Republic of Mcarthia (DM) – Supreme Justice Horatio Eden has issued his ruling on Kit McCarthy in re the Law of the Republic of Mcarthia. The case was filed a few days ago.

The petition for action, filed by President Kit McCarthy, asks how Mcarthia should go about repealing international statutory instruments (this essentially amounts to treaties or organisational charters).

The ruling, which can be seen in detail on the law reports page of Mcarthia, says that Parliament in all cases has the right to repeal international instruments. The approval of the President is also always required.

There were some minor mishaps in the Central Court as neither the Clerk or Supreme Justice were entirely familiar with the correct procedure. These were essentially ironed out, following swift discussions.

In other judicial news, David Ross has been appointed as a High Judge, meaning there is now a total of four judges in Mcarthia.


Kit McCarthy in re the Law of the Republic of Mcarthia

Central Court of the Republic of Mcarthia (Supreme Justice Eden)

National case number: 0003

Court docket number: CC 0003 2017-01

MSLC citation: MCA CC McCarthy in re Law of Mcarthia 2017, 0003

Law reports

Statutory provisions (General Judicial Act of 2017)


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