Abelden: Shock IPA victory in Vorsitzender election

ABELDANE EMPIRE (DM) – The February 2017 Abeldane elections occurred over the weekend of the 25th, where citizens of the Empire cast their votes for the next Vorsitzender and Stellvertreter, with the victory of the former going to Henry Twain.

In an unprecedented election, the founder and leader of the Independence Party of Abelden rose above opponents from the Conservative and Democratic-Liberty Parties, both of which have more members and more seats in the Reichsversammlung.

Clocking in with 33 percent of the vote, Twain received three more votes than his second place counterparts Mike Lewis (DL) and Llewelyn Lawton (E), who each received 25 percent. The Conservative Party appeared frail, coming in last place with 17 percent.

Coming out of Grant Hawkins’ term of office, which lasted longer than the past six administrations, the Conservatives held both the office of Vorsitzender and a coalition majority in the Reichsversammlung. One of those has now dissipated.

The Abeldane Emperor, Stephen I & II, offered kind words to the IPA, personally congratulating “the Independence Party for achieving a majority vote from citizens, which is unexpected at all,” and he looks forward to “working with the new Vorsitzender and his new government for a better Empire and Commonwealth.”

Twain has already taken several actions as Vorsitzender-elect. He has specified intentions to form a coalition between the IPA, Conservative, and Democratic-Liberty Parties to help “bridge gaps and increase effectiveness.” A designate cabinet has already been formed, however not been made public as of yet.

Perhaps this cross-partisan cooperation is an attempt to return to the policies of Llewelyn Lawton’s administration which gave him three consecutive terms in offices: a longer time than any other Vorsitzender.

At the time of this article being written, the Vorsitzender-elect will take office in about three hours time.

This also marks the point when Conservative Grant Hawkins is ousted from the position after how supporters appear to have abandoned him with citations of inactivity. While Hawkins wasn’t the Conservative candidate in this most recent election, it has to be considered that his ineffectiveness may be attributed to the major fold of the Conservative Parties grasp on Abeldane politics.

Many questions continue to linger about the incoming administration, but one thing is clear: this latest election has been a complete shock to the Empire and Commonwealth.

Henry Twain

Henry Twain is a journalist for the Daily Micronational and Former President of the Federated States of America/Atlantic Commonwealth. Business inquiries can be directed to atlanticexecutivecouncil@gmail.com.

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