MCCARTHY: Two years and counting

There are few things that have had a more profound impact upon my life so far than the moment I decided to start my own country. What is striking now is how vividly I remember the first moments of Mcarthia – sitting with my laptop in our living room, dragging and dropping text boxes to create our first website.

What a journey it has been since then.

We’ve ‘fought’ a war, for about 48 hours. We’ve started organisations that have lasted on average less than a week. We’ve put people on trial. We’ve broadcast news and an embarrassingly bad radio drama. We’ve accused others of conspiracy, and been accused ourselves. We’ve made friends and enemies, and enemies out of friends and friends out of enemies. And I’ve learnt so much in doing so.

When I leave school in a year or so, I plan to study law. Had I not discovered a passion for writing absurdly long legislation and suing people, law wouldn’t even have crossed my mind. No other activity has taught me more about the world we live in than micronationalism. This is a community that’s literally found a hobby in government bureaucracy.

I am startled to see both how much I’ve changed through my involvement here, and how much everyone else has changed as well. We grow wiser and more mature. We become kinder and more tolerant and open our minds to others. We learn to write and debate and argue our side.

I’m not sure we always realise the nature of what we have. We are of all ages, all corners of the world, all backgrounds. We are united by our fascination of the modern world, and our passion for change (and memes). The talent and knowledge on display here is remarkable. Let’s not squander it.

If this article is anything, it is a letter of thanks to those responsible for the existence of this community. Thank you to everyone who spends their time and money ensuring that this opportunity is available. Thank you to everyone who is so willing to share their knowledge and help others expand theirs. Thank you for putting up with me.

Two years down – here’s to another few yet.


The Republic of Mcarthia celebrates its second anniversary on March 16th 2017.

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