Brecklandi-Lundenwic relations break down

LUNDENWIC (DM) – Relations between the Imperial Grand Duchy of Lundenwic, led by the Free Fascist Party, and the Empire of Breckland have declined rapidly in recent days.

The state news agency of Lundenwic announced that the Lundener Foreign Office had taken the “extraordinary step” of revoking diplomatic relations with the Empire of Breckland. The Foreign Office maintains an “anti-Communist stance” but also stated that it was willing to have a “free and open debate” on the basis of its merits – the Foreign Office in a statement released on the 19th of April claimed that Breckland has not been open to this sort of dialogue, asserting that action was “aggressively” pursued against them by the Brecklandi government.

It also accuses the Brecklandi government of pursuing a “Socialist agenda” to “divide and make enemies” in the interest of subjugating their populace. The statement closed by urging the Brecklandi government to stand down and resume diplomatic talks with Lundenwic in the interests of defusing the situation.

For their part, the Empire seems unwilling to engage in the talks the Lundener government has requested. In an op-ed for the Breckland Tribune released today, an agent of the government of Breckland called Lundenwic a “Fascist paradise of oppression and lies”, insinuating that military action was not off the table: “If Lundenwic would like to see how liberation is done then the Breckland Peoples Liberation Army will be more than happy to demonstrate against the Lundenwic fascist government.” It is not clear whether Breckland actually possesses a standing army that might be capable of destablizing the Lundener government.

It also makes allusions to “history”, indirectly comparing the government of Lundenwic to the administration of Adolf Hitler, “a fascist [that] took control of Europe under the hand of oppression, tyranny and mass murder”, while maintaining that socialism in the form of the Soviet Union was responsible for the liberation of the German people from this regime.

The Lundener government has not yet responded to these most recent allegations; the Daily Micronational is reaching out to both parties for comment.

The statement by the Lundenwic Foreign Office can be viewed here. The original article by the Breckland Tribune can be read here.


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