Mcarthian Government Shutdown Pending Reforms

Republic of Mcarthia (DM) – Mcarthian President Kit McCarthy has announced a government shutdown pending major legislative reforms.

On the forum, McCarthy released a brief statement:

“Many of you will be aware of the current work in Mcarthia developing, amongst other things, an extensive new law code. This is a brief statement to clarify the position of the Mcarthian Government as this work progresses.

The Mcarthian Government is in an effective state of shutdown, and as such no institutions, departments or agencies are currently exercising their functions. This means that we are unable to enter into any new foreign relations at present, and public services cannot currently be provided. This includes legal and judicial services. The First Minister and myself are carefully monitoring the domestic situation in Mcarthia.

This state of shutdown will last until the finalisation of these Mcarthian reforms, which may take several months. The current timeline sees Mcarthia reopening in mid to late autumn this year. We are aware this is a long period of time, and is partly due to personal commitments of the team working on these reforms. More information will be made shared on this forum and through other news sources as it becomes available.”

President McCarthy has in other venues provided further information on the reforms that are being proposed. The key body of work is an extensive new Constitution and codified legislative document; early drafts of these have been shared with a select group of government advisors.

It is believed that the legislation (reportedly based on the Universal Triumvirate Code) being developed will be hundreds of pages long. Some estimates put the length of the final document at over 300 pages, which, if correct, would be amongst the longest micronational statute books known of. Both Austenasia and the Democratic Union of British States are also known to have extensive public laws: Emperor Jonathan of Austenasia recently revealed that collectively, Austenasian legislation extended to over 100,000 words.

In the run-up to these reforms, the Mcarthian Government is also working with external partners including Novapara-based graphic designer Prince Xavier I, legal scholar and Loquntian monarch King John I and military expert Ser John Marshall.

More to follow.

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