Defeated Vorsitzender candidate Brazeau: “I will run for Stellvertreter in September”

ABELDANE EMPIRE (DM) – Following the election which handed incumbent Vorsitzender Patrick Renwick a landslide victory over his opponent, Federalist Party leader and former Vorsitzender Michael Thomas Brazeau, you would be forgiven for thinking Mr. Brazeau might reconsider his position within the Abeldane political sphere.

Not so.

To the excitement of the three people who voted for Mr. Brazeau in this election cycle, he has confirmed that he will be running for Stellvertreter – the deputy post to the Vorsitzendership – in the Abeldane general election later this year, in September.

Despite originally claiming he would not seek election to the post he formerly held under Vorsitzenders Janiszewski, Hawkins and Twain in 2015, 2017 and 2017 respectively, citing it as a “hard choice… but… a wise one”, he later went back on his claim and announced he would be declaring candidacy. “I was not running in September to begin with I said if the race was not close this time than I would not run in September,” he said, referring to the general election that took place earlier this month in which he lost by a margin of 86 points according to L’Sydunche, “I am running for Stellverteter in September and I expect to win (grammatical sic.)”.

His plan was immediately met with opposition. Dallin Langford, a member of the Reichsversammlung, the national legislature, asked how he “[expected] to win?”, maintaining that in spite of his previous two election victories to the post, his poor showing in the general election this time around and his attitude towards matters of national policy stood him in poor stead to be re-elected. He was also accused of lacking a plan, instead “[making] a rip of Trump’s rhetoric in the 2016 presidential US election,” in Mr. Langford’s view. Mr. Brazeau repeatedly used the acronym “MAGA” throughout his campaign, an abbreviation of “Make Abelden Great Again” meant to connote the grassroots popularity of the successful US presidential campaign of Donald Trump in 2016.

Mr. Brazeau’s campaign was marred by poor communication of policy; he repeatedly faced accusations of attempting to transpose irrelevant US issues such as gun control or, more extensively, state’s rights, a concept enshrined in US law through the Tenth Amendment to the US Constitution but a doctrine not utilised in the Abeldane political system, largely due to its unitary culture and lack of personnel to fill any potential state governments. He also made a habit of accusing other candidates of being members of “the establishment”, without quantifying what the establishment is in an Abeldane context.

The September general election will take place on or around the 5th of September, 2017. Incumbent Vorsitzender Patrick Renwick will be eligible for re-election.


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