Newton von Uberquie elected Vorsitzender of Abelden; Artemis Langford carried on ASE ticket

ABELDEN (DM) – Newton von Uberquie has won the Vorsitzender election in Abelden under the ticket of the Abeldane Social Ecology party, and will now seek to form a government alongside running mate Artemis Langford.

The two successfully saw off competition from the joint ticket comprising the newly formed Rhinoceros Party’s Horatio Eden and Federalist Party’s James Frisch, following a deal that the Federalist Party leader, Michael Brazeau, termed a “coalition” deal. The Rhinoceros Party leadership did not comment on Mr. Brazeau’s account of the arrangement.

The Reichswallkohmmission, this cycle’s electoral commission, announced the results at 11:29 UTC, which were as follows; for the Vorsitzender election:

  • von Uberquie, Newton (Abeldane Ecology Party) – 28 votes (48.28%) – VORSITZENDER-ELECT
  • Eden, Horatio (Rhinoceros Party) – 19 votes (32.76%)
  • Wu, Brandon (Independence Party) – 10 votes (17.24%)
  • Invalid – 1 (1.72%)
  • Total – 58 (100%)

and for Stellvertreter:

  • Langford, Artemis (Abeldane Ecology Party) – 25 votes in round one, 30 votes in round two (43.86% and 53.57% respectively) – STELLVERTRETER-ELECT
  • Frisch, James (Federalist Party) – 21 votes in round one, 25 votes in round two (36.84% and 44.64% respectively)
  • Reuel, Isaac (Independence Party) – 10 votes in round one, eliminated
  • Invalid – 1 (1.72%)
  • Total – 57 (100%)

The election saw a turnout of 93.44%, reportedly the second highest turnout in Abeldane history. (July, 2015, in which Damian Billbrough was elected Vorsitzender, reputedly had a turnout of 100%.)

Michael Brazeau, the Federalist Party leader, announced before the close of polling that if the Rhino-Federalist pact was unsuccessful, he would run for Vorsitzender again in December. He dropped out in this cycle to endorse Horatio Eden of the Rhinoceros Party, and was defeated previously by then-Vorsitzender Patrick Renwick by a margin of 93% to 7%. Before he dropped out, Brazeau was polling at 7.7% of the vote, according to Sabia and Verona’s TID, joint last with the Independence Party’s Brandon Wu.

Polls for the Vorsitzender election placed Newton von Uberquie, the ultimate winner of the Vorsitzendership, ahead by as much as 41.6% (according to Green Grass Group) and as little as 7% (L’Synduche). Horatio Eden was never quite able to break through, though his candidacy evidently damaged the Independence Party which never recovered its pre-Eden-candidacy high of 39% after Eden announced on the 9th of August.

Artemis Langford was also always the winner in the polls, consistently polling between 47% and 66%, but this was not borne out in the general election, in which she had to fight over two rounds with Federalist candidate James Frisch for the minimum required proportion of votes of 45%. Isaac Reuel was correctly polled throughout the election in last place, though the polls ultimately understated his final result of 17.24% (the polls placing him consistently below that figure except for in one instance by the Quo Times).

What next for Abelden?
Editorial from Horatio Eden, Daily Micronational political editor

Newton von Uberquie is now the Vorsitzender of Abelden – where will he take the country from here?

In his inaugural address to the nation, he pledged to “focus our efforts waning activity (sic.)” – a nod to the consensus from all Vorsitzender campaigns that micronational inactivity was the greatest threat to Abeldane continuation of government. He also made a reference to greater internationalism, pledging to make Abelden into the “micronational leader it has the right to be”. How doable, however, is Vorsitzender von Uberquie’s goal of Abeldane exceptionalism?

The ASE now controls five of the fifteen seats in the national legislature; not enough to pass business, but enough to make it the senior partner in any governing coalition. Who could it make a deal with to form a government?

It is unlikely the Federalist Party under Michael Brazeau would be willing to form a coalition, given how they railed against the ASE ticket throughout the campaign, charging their campaign with “socalism” that would threaten the stability of the nation.

Despite their association with the Federalist Party’s more moderate Stellvertreter candidate James Frisch, the ASE have mentioned a support for the legislative agenda released by the Rhinoceros Party during the campaign. However, with only two seats, the Rhinoceros Party’s active participation in a coalition – or, at least, confidence-and-supply on critical issues – will not be sufficient.

More likely, the ASE will work with either the Abeldane National Party of von Uberquie’s predecessor, Patrick Renwick (which controls three seats) or the Independence Party (which also control three seats). Both are, however, conservative-leaning, and may not mesh entirely with the ASE’s plans of “green and red revolution”.

How the chips fall over the coming days and weeks will be crucial for Mr. von Uberquie’s government, and will be the crucible for his legacy as Vorsitzender of Abelden. In politics, there are often no right answers – only the least wrong ones. Whether the new Vorsitzender will temper his governing philosophy in order to ensure the stability of the next Reichsversammlung remains to be seen.

Horatio Eden and James Frisch, partners on a joint Rhino-Federalist ticket, made brief statements conceding the election before the Vorsitzender-elect gave his inaugural address.

“The Federalists have made massive gains this election, and looking at the number of votes we can be considered the second party in Abelden, along with our friends in the Rhinoceros Party/” Mr. Frisch remarked. “However the establishment won, our party has plenty to celebrate, and plenty of work this term now knowing that Abelden definitely wants us to play a part.”

Eden largely concurred, remarking that “The Rhinoceros Party too does not see this truly as a defeat; for a new party to win 19 votes in a Vorsitzender election is an excellent result, and demonstrative of at least a partial mandate for the ideas we set out in our manifesto,” before going on to say that “We will take this mandate and continue to press for administrative law reform as we go into the next legislative session, and we will be happy to work with any party that sees this goal as worthwhile as well.” Neither has publicly commented as to whether they would be willing to enter coalition with the new government, nor as the von Uberquie Administration made comment as to which way they are leaning on the subject.

von Uberquie and Langford were appointed by the Emperor as Vorsitzender and Stellvertreter of Abelden at 00:00 UTC on the 23rd of August, 2017.


Horatio Eden is Editor-in-chief of the Daily Micronational and Lord Executor of Valdsland. Mostly known for running a Minecraft let's play channel with two subs, which is the only organization he allows to advertise on the site.

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