Brazeau refuses to confirm he would step down as Federalist leader if elected RVL Speaker

ABELDEN (DM) – Reichsversammlung Speakership candidate and former Vorsitzender Michael Thomas Brazeau refused today to confirm that he would step down as Federalist leader if elected Speaker of the Reichsversammlung.

When questioned by Vorsitzender Newton von Uberquie, regarding Brazeau’s stated intent to run for Speaker, whether he would indeed step down as Federalist leader if elected Speaker in order to avoid what the Vorsitzender termed “conflict of interests”, Brazeau refused to commit.

“I would have to see what the party says first,” he responded. “James, Damian and anyone else who is a part of the Federalists must be consulted [grammar, capital letters and spelling corrections added by editorial team].”

Why does this matter?

The Reichsversammlung is the unitary legislature of the Abeldane Empire. There is no presidential system in practice; while the Emperor can veto legislation outright by imperial decree, most acts of the legislature pass into law straight away.

By refusing to confirm he would step down as Federalist leader, and given some of the rhetoric he espoused throughout the executive campaigns in which he has partaken and some of his more recent comments, including disparaging remarks alleging mental illness on the part of Stellvertreter Artemis Langford, it is a possibility that he could use the office of the Speakership to deny time to those in the legislature he considers his enemies, such as the eco-socialists against whom he railed during the most recent Vorsitzender election cycle.

Brandon Wu and Michael Thomas Brazeau are the two candidates for Speaker at press time.


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