Abeldane Decision 2017: Brazeau torpedoes National Federalist Party as election results loom

ABELDEN (DM) – As the election looms, a rumoured coalition between the Abeldane Social Ecology Party, the National Federalist Party and the Abeldane National Independence Party looks set to fall apart moments before the critical announcement of the winner of the Vorsitzender and Stellvertreter elections for the December 2017 cycle.

Successive comments by Stellvertreter candidate for the NFP, Michael Thomas Brazeau, referring to the former Vorsitzender-elect as a “scumbag” and an “overconfident bum who is looking down on people” led relations between the ASE and the NFP to a new low. Brazeau went on to comment that there would be “no deal” between the two parties unless Mr. von Uberquie tendered his resignation (Michael Brazeau is not leader of the NFP and therefore is not able to unilaterally make this decision, though his insistence nonetheless is likely to significantly damage NFP leader Alejandro Whyatt’s negotiating position following the election results later today).

The results of the election will be returned sometime after midnight London time tonight. It was re-run at the behest of the Emperor and the leadership of the electoral commission, the Reichswahlkomm, after investigation discovered that eight of the 46-47 votes taken were cast illegally. Reichsversammlung votes were unaffected.

The upcoming negotiations are key to ensuring that a majority government is formed after tonight; the Vorsitzender – likely to be Newton von Uberquie, who the Daily Micronational projects as winning the election again on a reduced margin of votes – will need to court either the ANIP and the NFP, the NFP and the United Rhinoceros Party, or the URP and the ANIP, or any factions or cross-sections thereof in order to form a majority government. No single party or couple of parties are big enough to form a majority on their own. As a result, any potential breakdown in inter-party negotiations puts the country one step closer to a minority administration.

Where is the election now? Editorial by Horatio Eden, political editor and Daily Micronational Abeldane correspondent

It’s difficult to say where anything is at this point. Turnout has skyrocketed in this election compared to the one held fraudulently earlier this week, somehow, the NFP deputy leader is torpedoing a fairly solid deal between themselves and the likely governing party, the Abeldane Social Ecology group, somehow, and meanwhile above all the spectre of election fraud overhangs.

Where does anyone go from here? It’s difficult to say. Without the results of the election, it can’t be known what direction the country will go, which leads one to hypothesise. Assuming Newton von Uberquie is returned tonight as the Vorsitzender of Abelden, duly elected with perhaps a somewhat lower mandate than he originally expected, will he still form the government with the NFP and Abeldane National Independence Party that, mere days ago, was already slated to move forward, or will Brazeau’s rhetoric prove a leap too far?

Alejandro Whyatt has not yet commented, either, and his stance on the affair will prove fundamentally important. When he returns to Abelden, he will find himself forced to respond to Brazeau’s antics. If he defends them, as his party ought given their stance that they represent the views of Brazeau that allegedly got him booted from the original Federalist Party, he may also find his party consigned to the opposition benches.

It is fairly safe to say that Patrick Renwick, who will probably be returned as Stellvertreter tonight, will have a place in government, as will his party, the Abeldane National Independence Party, which leaves the United Rhinoceros Party – where are they in all of this? Sources declined to comment on the record, though some remarked that officials were rubbing their hands together in something akin to glee.

Brazeau resisted calls to step down from the NFP at press time. Election results will be published by the Daily Micronational when they become available. The Abeldane Telegraph produced more coverage from the 2017 campaign results, including the exposure of election fraud revealed earlier this week.


Horatio Eden is Editor-in-chief of the Daily Micronational and Lord Executor of Valdsland. Mostly known for running a Minecraft let's play channel with two subs, which is the only organization he allows to advertise on the site.

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